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owner of San Diego landscaping company John's Lawn & Garden

Local Landscaper

Hi there, I'm John, your friendly neighborhood landscaper and the heart behind John's Lawn & Garden here in sunny San Diego. With a deep-rooted passion for construction and landscaping, I find joy in crafting outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and easy to maintain. Working with local San Diego landscape architects, I love bringing your visions to life, whether it's creating a lush green paradise or a cozy backyard haven complete with pergolas, decks, and fences. Let's collaborate to turn your outdoor dreams into a reality, one step at a time.

My Story

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the construction industry, I've cultivated a diverse skill set that spans carpentry, electrical work, plumbing repairs, landscaping, irrigation, sprinkler systems, drainage solutions, pavers, concrete work, retaining walls, fences, and pergolas. Growing up with a father who was a new housing developer, I gained invaluable knowledge in every aspect of the trade.

However, it was landscaping that always resonated with me, bringing joy and fulfillment like no other. Transforming outdoor living spaces in San Diego is not just a job; it's my lifelong passion. I approach each project with dedication and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect meets my high standards before completion. My commitment to customer satisfaction and treating clients like family has earned me a reputation for excellence in the landscaping industry.


When you work with me, you can rest assured that I'll be personally involved in every step of your landscaping project, from design to installation and beyond. Let's create a beautiful outdoor space together that reflects your vision and enhances your home's appeal.

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