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John's Lawn & Garden

Landscaping & Irrigation - La Mesa
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Drought tolerant landscaping in La Mesa installed by John's Lawn & Garden
paver patio installation with outdoor fire pit la mesa

La Mesa Landscaper

Landscaping & Irrigation Experts


We are San Diego's drought tolerant landscaping specialists!  From plant selection, design elements, to proper water saving irrigation methods; we are no strangers to removing water hogging grass and replacing ugly lawns with fresh California Native landscapes.


Completely change your outdoor landscape with a new concrete or paver patio and driveway.  No landscape is complete without proper hardscaping.  John's Lawn & Garden has the resources and experience to completely remodel your outdoors.


We specialize in providing San Diego with quality, affordable, and precise irrigation services.  Whether you need a new lawn sprinkler system installed, or just repairs to a drip irrigation line, we are experts in the field!


From decorative block and concrete retaining walls, to high powered engineered walls, John's Lawn & Garden has you covered.  We are experts in soil retention and erosion control.  We build retaining walls correctly and to plan.

Client Testimonials

Reliability. Professionalism. Excellence.

Serving San Diego and the surrounding communities of Santee, La Mesa, El Cajon, & Lakeside’s landscaping needs is what we do.  Our continued 5.0 star reviews demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Carol T.

I recently had John’s Lawn & Garden work on my landscaping, irrigation, paver, and fence project in La Mesa, I can't praise them enough! From start to finish, they were professional, courteous, and attentive to my needs. They listened carefully to my ideas and preferences, and their expertise and creativity truly shone through in the final results. The landscaping is gorgeous, the irrigation system works flawlessly, and the pavers and fence add a beautiful finishing touch to my outdoor space. I'm beyond thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend John’s Lawn & Garden to anyone in La Mesa looking for top-notch landscaping services.

John’s Lawn & Garden La Mesa Landscaper financing

Deanne T.

John did an amazing job revitalizing our yard and garden after we moved into a house with some unique landscaping. He was super friendly and easy to work with and was even able to fit us in to his schedule with short notice. Definitely recommend his services!

Jeff J.

My irrigation system was in shambles. I tried changing out solenoids and sprinkler heads- but I really just needed a professional to take a look. That’s where John’s Lawn & Garden comes in. John’s kind and hard working demeanor in combination with his years experience makes for the perfect skill set. He diagnosed my problem as a glitchy control box that wasn’t consistently triggering the zone valves. So he installed a new controller and re-programmed the zone times. He then re-routed all the hillside sprinklers with an efficient drip system. He also saved me money by not recommending I redo the lawn sprinklers completely, just a few minor adjustments there. Now my irrigation is up and running better than it has in years and actually better than when it was first installed. I highly recommend John for your yard project. If you want it done correctly without being soaked for unnecessary costs - he’s your guy. Did I mention he’s personable and easy to work with? There’s that too.

Steve A.

John's Lawn & Garden exceeded all expectations with their hardscaping services! From the initial consultation to the final touches, their team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and expertise. They transformed our outdoor space into a stunning oasis, seamlessly integrating beautiful stonework, pathways, and outdoor living areas. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship truly set them apart. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend John's Lawn & Garden to anyone seeking top-notch hardscaping services in La Mesa!

Landscaping La Mesa

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space in La Mesa, California? Look no further than John’s Lawn & Garden, the Best Landscaper in La Mesa!  Okay, that was a bit bold, but we have a feeling we can prove it.


Serving all major neighborhoods and communities in La Mesa, including:

  • Lake Murray

  • Rolando

  • Mt. Helix

  • Grossmont

  • Mesa Grande

  • La Mesa Village

At John’s Lawn & Garden, we specialize in sustainable landscaping solutions tailored to La Mesa's environment. From drought-tolerant landscapes to new sod installs, we bring professionalism, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction to every project. Join countless satisfied homeowners and elevate your outdoor oasis with John’s Lawn & Garden today.

Landscaping Services in La Mesa, CA:

  • Sod installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Landscape lighting installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Hardscape design and installation (patios, walkways, driveways) - La Mesa, CA

  • Concrete & Paver installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Retaining wall construction - La Mesa, CA

  • Outdoor kitchen and BBQ island installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Water feature installation (fountains, ponds) - La Mesa, CA

  • Deck and pergola construction - La Mesa, CA

  • Fence and gate installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Drainage system installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Planting bed construction - La Mesa, CA

  • Artificial turf installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Landscape grading and leveling - La Mesa, CA

  • Zeroscape - La Mesa, CA

  • Xeriscape - La Mesa, CA

  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping - La Mesa, CA

  • Commercial Landscaping - La Mesa, CA

  • Garden design and installation - La Mesa, CA

  • Sustainable irrigation system installation and repair - La Mesa, CA

  • Tree and shrub pruning - La Mesa, CA

  • Mulching and soil amendment - La Mesa, CA

  • Weed control and removal - La Mesa, CA

  • Pest management - La Mesa, CA

  • Seasonal clean-up and debris removal - La Mesa, CA

Our Story

At John’s Lawn & Garden, our mission is to redefine outdoor living in San Diego County and its eastern regions. From the coastal beauty of San Diego to the scenic landscapes of East County, including El Cajon, La Mesa, and Santee, we specialize in crafting stunning outdoor environments. As trusted landscapers with expertise in irrigation and sprinkler systems, we ensure that every project thrives with lush lawns and vibrant gardens. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for transformation, we set the standard for large outdoor remodels, creating landscapes that inspire and endure throughout San Diego and its eastern communities.

Sprinkler System Repair La Mesa

Do you need assistance with irrigation & sprinkler repair?  Do you need a new sprinkler system installed?  John's Lawn & Garden serves all of La Mesa, CA.


John's Lawn & Garden is the best sprinkler system repair company in La Mesa.  Bold statement?  Yes!  Not only do we have the experience, the equipment, and the technology to properly assist you with your irrigation system, but we also have the patience and time to determine your needs and recommend the most water efficient and cost efficient sprinkler system for your home.

Here are the available services we offer in La Mesa, CA:

  • Installation of sprinkler system - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of drip irrigation system - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of automated irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of rainwater harvesting systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of greywater recycling systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of soil moisture sensors - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of weather-based smart irrigation controller - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of low-flow irrigation components - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of micro-irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of landscape water features with integrated irrigation - La Mesa, CA

  • Routine maintenance for sprinkler systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Routine maintenance for drip irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Repair of broken or damaged sprinkler heads - La Mesa, CA

  • Repair of leaking irrigation pipes - La Mesa, CA

  • Repair of faulty valves and controllers - La Mesa, CA

  • Winterization services for irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Spring start-up services for irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Adjustment of sprinkler patterns and coverage - La Mesa, CA

  • Calibration of irrigation system timers and controllers - La Mesa, CA

  • Replacement of worn-out irrigation components - La Mesa, CA

  • Retrofitting outdated sprinkler systems for efficiency - La Mesa, CA

  • Retrofitting traditional irrigation systems with drip systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Upgrading irrigation systems with water-saving technologies - La Mesa, CA

  • Upgrading controllers to smart irrigation systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Retrofitting existing landscapes for water efficiency - La Mesa, CA

  • Conversion of high-water-use areas to drought-tolerant landscaping - La Mesa, CA

  • Installation of soil amendments to improve water retention - La Mesa, CA

  • Retrofitting irrigation systems for compliance with water regulations - La Mesa, CA

  • Upgrading to more durable and sustainable irrigation materials - La Mesa, CA

  • Retrofitting irrigation systems for integration with smart home systems - La Mesa, CA

  • Water audits to assess irrigation system efficiency - La Mesa, CA

  • Landscape assessment for water-saving opportunities - La Mesa, CA

  • Consultation on sustainable landscaping practices - La Mesa, CA

  • Analysis of water bills and usage patterns - La Mesa, CA

  • Soil analysis for irrigation optimization - La Mesa, CA

  • Consultation on plant selection for water efficiency - La Mesa, CA

  • Assessment of local water restrictions and regulations - La Mesa, CA

  • Evaluation of irrigation system performance - La Mesa, CA

  • Consultation on water-efficient irrigation practices - La Mesa, CA

  • Development of customized irrigation plans based on property needs - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency repair of irrigation system leaks - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency repair of malfunctioning controllers - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency repair of damaged irrigation infrastructure - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency shutdown of irrigation systems during leaks - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency response to irrigation system failures - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency troubleshooting of irrigation system issues - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency water conservation measures - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency response to severe weather-related irrigation problems - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency repair of irrigation system electrical faults - La Mesa, CA

  • Emergency response to unforeseen irrigation system issues - La Mesa, CA

For any landscaping or irrigation needs in La Mesa, CA, count on us for professional and reliable service.

Meet the Landscaper

Hi! My name is John:

Growing up in the world of construction and landscaping, I’ve developed a lifelong passion for turning outdoor spaces into beautiful, welcoming environments. With years of experience across San Diego, I thrive on the variety and challenges each new project brings. Landscaping is more than just a job to me; it’s about creating sustainable beauty and functionality that enhances homes and lives.

owner of John's Lawn & Garden in San Diego

La Mesa Landscaping Services

John's Lawn & Garden LOVES La Mesa

la mesa downtown sign and landscaping

Living and working in La Mesa, CA, is truly a wonderful experience. The city boasts a perfect blend of urban conveniences and a laid-back atmosphere, making it a fantastic place to call home. One of the charms of La Mesa is its array of landmarks and attractions. From the quaint shops and eateries in historic La Mesa Village to the serene beauty of Lake Murray Reservoir, there's always something exciting to discover.

John's Lawn & Garden wants to help La Mesa take advantage of this beautiful city by creating and maintaining its amazing green spaces.  Landscaping in La Mesa is the easiest and most effective way to improve property value, decrease urban dread, and improve the communities happiness.  We are proud to be offering landscaping and irrigation services to La Mesa, and we are proud to have been working in La Mesa for over 10 years!  If you're driving by on University or Lake Murray feel free to wave, we'll be happy to see you!

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